The purpose of modern Kendo is not to win real-life duels or use martial art techniques in a fight. While Kendo has evolved from Samurai sword arts, one of the many reasons why people practice it today is for the benefits it can bring to the kendoka’s personal life. KendoRead More →

OMG – Self Defense Class Experiment???!  Aria. You. Are. A. G. I CANNOT believe you pulled this off, being someone trying to make more videos involving strangers, the production for this must have been CRAZY (making the ad, renting (or borrowing) the venue, the actors, the cameras running for 90Read More →

To comprehend Japan, you must understand one of its greatest historical figures, Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645). Known by his first name alone, Musashi’s deeds across a number of art forms, including painting, poetry and, of course, the martial arts, reached mythological status even in his lifetime. William Scott Wilson’s definitive 2004Read More →

Over $90,000 Has Been Raised For a Teacher Who Battered a Student After Being Pushed Over the Limit… Teachers often have a thankless job, especially nowadays because there’s a limit to how they can assert their authority and control the classroom. If a student acts out, they’re not allowed toRead More →

Yesterday me and Matt decided to stop by “this thing”. Everybody needs some fun in his routine right? Guess what… 908 punching power with left hand! Thanks for the magical apparatus, hold on, tomorrow will test “908” on a bag

Most martial artists living and teaching today have not tested their martial arts styles or systems in actual combative situations, where they were defending themselves against someone actually trying to hurt or kill them. This is not actually that bad of a thing, overall, if you think about it. ButRead More →

Unusual weekly meeting with Matt. It might seem that it is a ballet or Tai chi demonstration. Almost, but not true. Everybody has his own approach in training the balance and the flow. Matt believes that these kinds of moves (yes, Tai chi too) may help to keep the flowRead More →

The young guys decided to demonstrate their skills in a street fight. Place to fight between them was parking in downtown New York. One of the guys had sports equip ment with him. And they decidete too use it. Our correspondent was nearby, and managed to shoot a fragment ofRead More →