6. The single weak point This one goes hand-in-hand with characters such as the aforementioned Pai Mei, so I might as well describe it next. There is a stock character/style of martial artist in these types of films, usually a bigger guy with a great physique, whose style revolves entirelyRead More →

What’s wrong? The one thing I love more than these stupid fucking videos of fake martial arts that @mcdojolife posts is when legit trained killers like @hingerbjj make fun of them. We can only hope these videos and the clowning of them reach potential “students” in time. Joe Rogan TheRead More →

In terms of plopping down on the couch and unplugging my brain for a few hours, there’s no genre of movies, outside of classic horror cinema, that I love more than old-school kung fu. It’s a genre that is permanently rife with absurdities, but even moreso than others, silly clichesRead More →

Kata – More Than Just Karate… By Jesse Enkamp What do you know about kata? “Kata is a set of moves you perform in Karate” most people would say. Or “It’s these self-defense moves you do against imaginary opponents”. But the truth is that kata is not unique to martialRead More →