The Vulcan neck pinch Star Trek’s Spock is someone you don’t want to mess with. On top of being a pretty accomplished scientific the guy can fight, too. Oh, and he doesn’t need flashy kicks or intricate techniques to fight off enemies. Nope. All he need is a simple pressureRead More →

In terms of plopping down on the couch and unplugging my brain for a few hours, there’s no genre of movies, outside of classic horror cinema, that I love more than old-school kung fu. It’s a genre that is permanently rife with absurdities, but even moreso than others, silly clichesRead More →

The young guys decided to demonstrate their skills in a street fight. Place to fight between them was parking in downtown New York. One of the guys had sports equip ment with him. And they decidete too use it. Our correspondent was nearby, and managed to shoot a fragment ofRead More →