OMG – Self Defense Class Experiment???!  Aria. You. Are. A. G. I CANNOT believe you pulled this off, being someone trying to make more videos involving strangers, the production for this must have been CRAZY (making the ad, renting (or borrowing) the venue, the actors, the cameras running for 90Read More →

Over $90,000 Has Been Raised For a Teacher Who Battered a Student After Being Pushed Over the Limit… Teachers often have a thankless job, especially nowadays because there’s a limit to how they can assert their authority and control the classroom. If a student acts out, they’re not allowed toRead More →

6. The single weak point This one goes hand-in-hand with characters such as the aforementioned Pai Mei, so I might as well describe it next. There is a stock character/style of martial artist in these types of films, usually a bigger guy with a great physique, whose style revolves entirelyRead More →

What’s wrong? The one thing I love more than these stupid fucking videos of fake martial arts that @mcdojolife posts is when legit trained killers like @hingerbjj make fun of them. We can only hope these videos and the clowning of them reach potential “students” in time. Joe Rogan TheRead More →

How Fake Martial Arts Are Created • Martial Arts Journey Looking at some martial arts, which often times get labeled as fake martial arts, it’s sometimes difficult for a combat sports practitioner to understand what these practices are expecting to achieve with their complex choreographed movements. Is it a wayRead More →

The Vulcan neck pinch Star Trek’s Spock is someone you don’t want to mess with. On top of being a pretty accomplished scientific the guy can fight, too. Oh, and he doesn’t need flashy kicks or intricate techniques to fight off enemies. Nope. All he need is a simple pressureRead More →